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An accommodation facility in support of the environment

Stacci Rural Resort is a project aimed at supporting and not at exploiting the environment

a project in which man is at the service of nature and not vice versa.

The choice of materials identifies the structure in the winning combination of typicality and comfort.

Stone, reeds, natural lime, plaster and wood are the dominant materials in the renovation work.

The part relating to plant engineering uses the criterion of reducing consumption and reduces the impact on the environment of the entire structure.

The photovoltaic system produces the energy necessary for the structure, the LED lighting reduces consumption to a minimum,

the solar thermal system supplies domestic water, the phytodepuration system is aimed at the reuse of water,

finally, the recycling and reuse work adopted during the renovation has given a second life to materials and objects

which would normally have been regarded as waste.

Stacci Rural resort is a 4 star hotel which answers to all sustainability criteria and offers you a stay in the name of well-being

and comfort offering you an environment full of typicality, healthy and natural

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