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Stacci Rural Resort

From the ancient farmhouse to the 4 stars Resort

The renovation of an old abandoned rural building with the intention of carrying out a total recovery operation
in absolute respect of the natural, historical and cultural context that hosts the structure: this is how it was born Stacci Rural Resort.
Every room of the ancient farm has found a second life of its own;
a contemporary reinterpretation of the building in full respect of the original forms and ideas
pursuing the objective of offering an environment equipped with all comforts
but which carries within itself the history, the scents and the sensations of times and places that were.
Every environment in Stacci Rural Resort is designed to transform your stay into an unforgettable experience

An unforgettable rural stay

On the dry stone walls the Sicilian history and traditionsin the green of the Mediterranean maquis the scents of an uncontaminated land

Rustic and welcoming environments

Every space is comfortable and reproposes the colors and materials of the original environment

Breakfast included

Sweet or savory however local with zero km products, pride of the best Sicilian gastronomic tradition

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