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Sustainable tourism

a hotel to support the environment

Four-stars Resort in Modica

Stacci Rural Resort is a project aimed at supporting and not at exploiting the environment,

a project in which man is at the service of nature and not vice versa.

The choice of local origin and natural materials identifies the structure as a winning combination of uniqueness and comfort.

Stone, reeds, natural lime, plaster and wood are the dominant materials in the work of restructuring...

Even the part relating to plant has been designed using as basic criterion the reduction of consumptions with the aim of breaking down the impact on the environment of the whole structure. The photovoltaic system produces the necessary energy for the structure, the LED lighting minimizes the consumptions, the solar heating system provides the necessary sanitary water, the system of constructed wetlands and waste disposal is aimed at water reuse, and eventually the work of recycling and reuse adopted since the beginning of the restructuring have given a second life to materials and objects which they would normally be considered waste.


Stacci Rural resort is a four-stars resort which meets all the criteria of sustainability, offering either a wellbeing and comfort holiday or proposing an environment rich of typicalness, healthy and natural. 

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